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Our critic savors 7 favorite dishes of 2018

Tim and Kathy Pieri’s throwback Italian restaurant, named for their teenage daughter, will charm you one way or another. To my non-native-St. Louisan surprise, it was Liliana’s take on St. Louis-style pizza that won me over. Its crust, though very thin, has chew and character and can support topping combinations both basic and elaborate. Order a pie and try not to sing along with the Sinatra playing on the sound system.

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Liliana's Italian Kitchen is an old-school pizza-and-pasta charmer

The first time I walked into Liliana’s Italian Kitchen, Frank Sinatra was playing on the sound system. OK. As I waddle into middle age, I’m willing to grant one on-the-nose detail to a new restaurant. Then I noted Liliana’s sandwiches: the Tony, the Anthony Jr., the Paulie. OK. I also love “The Sopranos,” and softened by parenthood as well as middle-age, I can let a second cliché slide. You can push me only so far, though.

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