The best new restaurants in St. Louis 2019

All of us at Liliana’s Italian Kitchen are both so very pound and so very humbled to have been included in the 2019 list of “The best new restaurants in St. Louis 2019” as determined by St. Louis Magazine. What a great recognition and definitely something all of us are excited about! Please note that this article appears in St. Louis Magazine's October 2019 issue as part of their "Best New Restaurants" feature. Some highlights:

In a Nutshell: In a humble strip center, veteran restaurateurs Tim and Kathy Pieri revive old-school Italian charm, from Rat Pack and Sopranos references to an oversized chalkboard menu with specials.

Dish: The combination of a winning homemade pizza crust and top-notch toppings (fried spinach, garlic shrimp, white anchovies, giardiniera, goat cheese) has made many a convert.

Drink: Go near (Bud Select), go far (Birra Moretti), or go nearby (Logboat Wheat Porter), but go for a beer with that pizza.

Tip: The Pieris campaigned to have customers drop off “Grandma’s dishes” and came up with enough plates for several restaurants: “Expensive, gaudy, classy—we love them all.”

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